The Great Contest Mix-Up!

I recently won the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick on a book blog contest. I'm excited to read this because a) I've heard it's great and b) the sequel just came out so I feel really behind. 

Today I received a large manila envelope from Simon and Schuster. I furiously tore open the package and what did I find? This:

I think someone at Simon and Schuster must think they're pretty funny right about now. OK, someone probably just accidentally put the wrong book in the wrong envelope (which means the worrying person got a copy of Hush, Hush. I wonder how they're feeling right now). 

The funny thing is (I was going to say ironic but 99.7% of the time I've said "That's so ironic" I've been promptly corrected by some smart aleck) that I could probably benefit from reading a book about how to deal with worry right now. I'm on the fifth draft of my manuscript, and it's...difficult. Sometimes I feel really bolstered by reading my own writing, but other times all I can think is "This is crap. This is crap. This is basically a conveyer belt of crap." It's easy to get bowled over by worry. Thinking about the future makes me worry, things in my writing make me worry, reading stories about James Frey make me worry, pondering the likelihood of publication makes me worry, etc, etc, etc. Writing a book is a worrisome enterprise, so it's incredibly apropo to have accidentally received this book. 

I called Simon and Schuster and the nice woman on the phone said she'd ship out Hush, Hush directly. She didn't say anything about me mailing back the worry book so I guess I get to keep it! Worry, prepare to be vanquished!