Rejections, I Haz Them

The other day, the publishing gods did not smile on me. I got absolutely dumped on by rejections. How many inches of snow are covering Chicago right now? I got at least that much in rejections. It’s been a few days, so the pain has subsided considerably and I’ve been able to take away a ton of information. Some of the agents provided very thoughtful comments that I’m really appreciative of (even if, at the time, they stung like tracker jacker venom). 
On that day, I fortuitously discovered this photo of Shannon Hale's 60 foot long roll of rejection letters. She took it on tour with her during her last book tour. Really, how awesome is she? 

This picture made me feel a lot better. Shannon Hale is a big reason I started writing fiction, so this image found me at exactly the right moment. I hope that, if any of you are braving rejection blizzards like I did the other day, this helps you, too!