Introducing Book Learning!

Book Learning is a new way to review books that I’m going to try out this week. Since getting serious about my own writing, I’ve found it more and more difficult to write book reviews. I’ve been wondering why this is, because normally I love discussing books, and I’ve determined it’s because I’m reading less like a reviewer and more like a writing student. I often seek out books specifically as research for current WIPs and the notes I take while reading pertain mostly to writing. A straight-up review doesn’t seem the most appropriate way for me to express my thoughts anymore.  

Enter Book Learning, in which I’ll discuss all the writerly wisdom I’ve learned from books I’ve read, including things TO DO, as well as things NOT TO DO. I think that every novel can serve as a textbook for aspiring writers, so hopefully these reviews will be helpful to other beginning writers, as well. For all the non-writers out there, I expect these will function in much the same way as a typical book review.
Oh, and they’ll be spoiler-free, of course.
Already posted is the first edition of Book Learning featuring Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Check it out!