Baffling Cover Redesigns Update!

On Tuesday, I blogged about the cover redesigns that most annoyed me. Number 1 on my list was the mystifying decision to redesign Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern series with photographic covers. This meant that the most recent book in the series, Forest Born, didn't match the original illustrated covers that artist Alison Jay created for the series. Those of us who have been collecting the Books of Bayern from the beginning have a mismatched set: three books with Alison Jay artwork and one book with a photographic cover. 

Well, fantastic news! Shannon Hale announced on her blog that Bloomsbury has kindly commissioned Alison Jay to create a special edition of Forest Born with artwork that matches the first books in the series--and it's beautiful. It comes out in October. Rejoice! I don't even really feel like complaining that I already bought this book! (much)

Even though this must've been in the works for months, the timeliness of my blog rant makes me feel partially responsible for bringing this about. You are so welcome.