Books I Wish Could be Movies

Today I thought I'd answer the weekly question from YA Cafe (created by Ghenet and Gabi and open to anyone who wants to join in!).

This week's question is: What YA books would make good movies?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: I love a good Word War II movie and I think The Book Thief was basically made to be adapted to film. The basic structure of Liesl's life and the various books she steals meshes nicely with the historical backdrop, and the final sequence could be captured perfectly and devastatingly on film. 

Blood Red Road by Moira Young: I'm reading this right now and, from page one, have found myself thinking that this would make a great movie. The location is unique and would look incredible on film, it's fast-paced with authentic characters, and has a sweeping feel. No surprise the film rights have already been purchased by Ridley Scott (IMDB has it down for a 2014 release). 

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey: I can already imagine the intricate, historically-accurate sets, the costumes, and the super scary CGI monsters exploding out of the ground. I imagine something with the same pacing and look as Sherlock Holmes

What YA novels do you think would make good movies?