My Quest to Save The Monstrumologist

Today I learned a very sad thing:

The Monstrumologist series, which I gushed about here, has been discontinued by Simon and Schuster. The last book they'll publish, The Isle of Blood, will come out in September. 

My first reaction was:

And then I asked:

I may have cried a little: 

And gotten angry:

But then I thought:

I feel this is important. Not only because this is a series I really like, but because decisions like this affect everybody in the YA community. When books that contribute so positively to the quality and culture of our community go out of print, we all lose. The value of our stock plummets, if you will. We talk endlessly about how teenagers deserve quality literary experiences. Well, this is it, people! The Monstrumologist series is it! I haven't read many other books that deliver such a well-written, challenging, heart-rending, and soul-satisfying reading experience. For such an innovative series to be cut short, when the author has said he's chomping at the bit to write more, is devastating as a reader, a writer, and member of the YA community. 

So, I beg you, if you've read The Monstrumologist, want to read it, or just care about quality literature made available to young people (or people in general), please send an email to Simon and Schuster. It's easy--you just fill out this form. If you'd like, I've prepared a statement you can copy and paste:

I'm writing to request that you please reverse your decision to discontinue publication of The Monstrumologist series by Rick Yancey. This series has affected readers for its astonishing language, incredibly affecting characters, fast-paced action, and painstakingly-detailed historical world-building. As someone who values quality literature for young people, I implore you to reverse your decision and put your full support behind this incredible series. Thank you. 

I certainly hope that, if Simon and Schuster doesn't reverse their decision, Rick Yancey can find a place for Will Henry and Dr. Warthrop elsewhere. I certainly am not ready to let them go without a fight!