Monstrumology Lives!

This time last week, I began a quest to save the Monstrumologist series. Since then, hundreds of fans joined in. Today, I learned that our quest was successful!

Author Rick Yancey announced today on his Facebook page that, because of the huge fan support for the books, Simon & Schuster had agreed to publish a fourth book in the Monstrumologist series. 

I couldn't believe it:

I may have screamed:

And started dancing: 

And screamed some more:

And shouted:

YOU GUYS, WE DID IT! I'm unbelievably ecstatic right now. Rick sent me an email and said, to his knowledge, this may be unprecedented. For a major house to reverse their decision to discontinue a series after a write-in campaign is crazy-unheard of. We should all feel very proud. I know I do.

So, huge thank yous go out to all the fans who supported the series by writing in, to Rick for writing such amazing books in the first place and supporting fan efforts, and to Simon & Schuster for listening to and respecting their readers.  

I feel this is massively significant. In the past week, I've spoken with bloggers and readers who have worried about the implications of a decision like this. Some of us have discussed the possible narrowing of YA and how much our community suffers when publishers push blockbusters and ignore quality. Today's decision suggests that there are those in the mainstream publishing industry who believe in delivering quality to readers, regardless of whether it appears on bestseller lists.

Simon & Schuster did in an incredible thing today. They proved that they do listen to readers and believe in quality literature for young people. Because of that, I think we owe them a giant thank you. Here's the link to their contact form. If you have a minute, please shoot them a thank you note. 

And celebrate!