I've been looking for my first teaching job for the past year since I graduated from my Masters in Teaching program. I live in Spokane, a town with more teacher certification programs than some cities have McDonald's. There just aren't enough jobs to go around. Unemployment worked out pretty well, though, considering I was able to query one book, finish another, and start this blog. But, since it just wasn't happening in Spokane, a couple weeks ago I decided to shoot out some job applications to Seattle. And I was successful!

I'll be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies in an extremely diverse, high poverty middle school. This is exactly the type of school I most wanted to work in, they're the subjects I wanted to teach, the school is great, the administration is great, and so far everything's run amazingly smoothly. I'm still hugely stressed considering I have to move across the state, get an apartment, set up a classroom, and start teaching--all in a week (AHH!).

I drive over today, am in the school tomorrow for meetings, and will be teaching next week. I'm thoroughly stressed, but that's not going to stop me from enjoying my last remaining day of summer vacation. On the way to Seattle, my mom and I are driving through Leavenworth (older followers will remember this as the bavarian theme village in which I ate the best vegetarian bratwurst of my life and found signed copy of Will Grayson, Will Grayson for $6). Here's hoping I have such stupendous luck in the vegetarian-sausage/rare-book category today.
Are any of you teachers/have taught? If so, feel free to share some words of wisdom in the comments!