Shooting the Breeze with Scott Westerfeld

Seattle rocks for author visits. This week alone, I could partake of the writerly musings of Maggie Stiefvater, Laini Taylor, James Dashner, and Terry Pratchet. These are authors who don't come to Spokane (um, duh), so to even be in the same city with them is unbelievable.

But, the big one for me, the grandmother of all author visits, is Scott Westerfeld. He spoke last night at Seattle Central Library (the famous one. The one that looks a little like a glass origami bullfrog). And I got to go!

The turn out was incredible--by far the largest turn out for an author visit I've been to. He spoke about a whole lot of interesting and funny things that went into the creation of his Uglies and Leviathan series, including lots of hilarious historical anecdotes that had the mostly teenage crowd glued to his every word. It was clear that, to many of the members of the audience, they were in the presence of a kind of personal God. And Scott was just as hilarious and friendly in person as you'd expect if you're a Twitter or blog follower, or just a reader of his books. Here's a picture he tweeted of the crowd (it was a full house by the time the event started).

I got to speak with him a little at the signing table. I mentioned how a bunch of my students are reading and enjoying the Uglies series, and he thanked me for helping to create more readers. It would've been impossible to tell him how important his books have been to me on a personal level, as a writer. It was because of Uglies, in many ways, that I saw what was possible in YA and felt inspired to sit down and write my own book. 

 So, I know they say never to meet your heroes, but in this instance it worked out pretty well!