"Hank, you're holding a Picasso while eating Pringles."

Here's an odds and ends post. 

First, the title comes from today's Vlogbrothers video, which is one of their funniest, I think. I laughed out loud when John said the thing about the Pringles. 

The ALA awards were announced yesterday. By now you've probably already heard that the winner of both the Printz and the Morris award for debut authors was Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley. I read the book about a week ago, most of it on the train from Spokane to Seattle and was finishing it just as we passed through the Cascades, which were all icy and snow-covered and perfect-looking. I found the prose really inspiring (like, I literally couldn't read more than a page without some phrasing or word choice launching my brain into writing mode. I threw the book down to jot something on my laptop multiple times. My seat partner was surely puzzled). So big props to John Corey Whaley for the incredible feat. 

In TV news, Downton Abbey proves to be the highlight of the week, though I fear some bad, bad things are going to go down before long. My greatest fears lie with Sybil and Branson--that can't end well. If you're watching, do you have any predictions for the coming weeks?

I also discovered Suburgatory and have since recommended it to everyone. Tonally, it feels just like a frothy, funny YA contemporary (think a slightly less cynical Sloppy Firsts mixed with the happy parts of The Sky is Everywhere). It strikes a really nice balance between irreverence and earned sentiment, and does justice to all of its characters, kid and adult alike. Plus, it allows me to re-evaulate my vestigial hatred of Jeremy Sisto from when he played the total skeeve-bucket Elton in Clueless. The most recent 5 episodes are on Hulu--check it out!

Finally, Oscar noms were announced today. It's exciting to be a fan of kid lit as Hugo, the adaptation of Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret, received the most nominations. It's an aesthetically stunning film that really captured the soul of the book. I was happy to see Rooney Mara nominated for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Jessica Chastain for The Help (for me, the best part of that movie). As a giant fan of silent films, I'm also stoked about all the love The Artist is receiving. 

What are your thoughts on all the awards hoopla of the past couple days?