Year-And-Some-Change Blogoversary!

I could've also titled this post "I-Finally-Have-a-Moment-to-Think-About-My Blogoversary!" or "Thank-God-It's-Almost-The-End-of-the-School-Year Blogoversary!" or "I've-Badly-Neglected-My-Blog-Watch-Me-Throw-Prizes-at-You-to-Make-Up-for-It Blogoversary!" 

In any case, this blog has existed about as long as it takes a baby to learn to totter around on its own feet, and even if consistency hasn't been my strong suit, my blog is still tottering along. I didn't start blogging with a plan. I started because I was angry. The first thing I published on this blog was an impassioned post about James Frey's "fiction factory". I still can't think about it without being overcome by white-hot rage, but at the time I was inconsolable over it. I saw James Frey's fiction factory as not only a card stacked against me as a not-yet-published novelist working on her first book, but as an indication of wider issues present in the publishing world. It shook me. The only thing within my power was to write about it. And the blog was born. 

I'm still pretty proud of that post. I think it became sort of a mission statement for the blog, how readers--especially young readers--deserve quality. I can't believe how much amazingness has happened because of this blog. I read some books and wrote a book and queried a book, met awesome authors, was befriend by fantastic fellow writers and bloggers, and even helped save a truly worthy book series. 

On to the giveaway. For my year-and-some-change blogoversary, I'd like to continue with the theme of spreading quality literature for young people by offering you a chance to win a book of your choice. The only rules are that it has to be a) a young adult title, and b) defensible as a work of quality. You can define quality however you like. Even if you haven't read the book yet, hopefully you can defend it in some way as a quality title.

The giveaway is international (anywhere The Book Depository ships). Keep the book value around or below $15.

Think you know which book you're ready to defend? Enter the giveaway here.

Fine Print: Anyone who picks I Am Number Four will be automatically disqualified :)