That's right--I have an agent! She is the amazing Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown. 

This is crazy and exciting and I still can't entirely take it in. It's a huge mind-warp to have a years-long goal accomplished. It threw me for a couple of days. I've realized that querying had left a footprint in almost every area of my life--I have about a billion saved internet bookmarks of agents and a file stuffed with query letters on my desktop. When I see certain friends, the first thing they ask me is how my agent search is going. For that to be done now is surreal. 

I know that what happens next will not happen quickly, and Jennifer told me the best way to deal with that is to write another book. So I'm attempting my gimpy version of NaNo--25,000 words (I call my version National Half-a-Novel Writing Month Because, Hey, I'm a Teacher, People!--NaHaNoWiMoBeHeImTePe. It has a ring to it). I'm cray-cray in love with my new book, even though the plot resembles a game of pick-up-sticks at the moment. 

In other news, I really love my day job, too. I've been able to achieve so much more balance this year. It doesn't hurt that my students are the smartest, funniest, coolest 7th graders on the planet and they make me laugh everyday. I'm lucky to get to hang with them. 

Life is pretty dang good.