"Zippity bop!"

Did I ever tell you guys about the time a student wrote an epic science fiction story about me battling raptors with Bill Cosby? Twelve-year-olds are kind of awesome. 

In other news, I'm on submission right now with my YA novel, MINNOW. I've heard submission can be a really stressful process, but my mind is occupied with so much (including the previously mentioned twelve-year-olds and the ungodly mess that is my newest book) that I'm able to not freak out too much. There are moments when I let myself sit in my anxiety and my stomach becomes knotted and I get that difficult-to-breathe feeling, but I try not to entertain it for too long. It helps that I'm surrounded by such supportive people. My family and friends have been with me through all the querying and drafting and revising (so much revising), and my fellow teachers act like it's the coolest thing ever that I wrote a book. My agent is also super available and is working really hard for MINNOW.  

More soon. For now, I leave you with these pugs.