Minnow SWAG

Lots of awesome people helped me celebrate the sale of MINNOW to Dial/Penguin. 
On the day of the deal, I went to Panera (also known as the Holy Place of Yummy, Writey Good Times) and my coffee cup reflected my mood perfectly.

My fellow 7th grade teachers got me these goldfish crackers (I mean, minnow crackers) along with some cupcakes. I foolishly walked down the hallway after school carrying the cupcakes and was accosted with screams of "CAN I HAVE A CUPCAKE, MS. OAKES?" by rabid middle schoolers. I was lucky to survive with all my limbs. 

My roommates and BFFs got me a cake. Yes, the spelling of Minnow is rather original (apparently there's a town in North Dakota named Minot, so the confusion is understandable), but the sentiment was wonderful. And misspelled cake is still freaking cake

This came in the mail from my editors at Dial, Stacey Friedberg and Nancy Conescu. Such a wonderfully awesome welcome to the Penguin family! Man, there is nothing I love better than a big box of books. 

And lastly, MINNOW was lucky enough to have the support of my awesome agent, Jennifer. MINNOW was also Jennifer's 100th sale. She celebrated thusly. I approve.