1) I've been making my way through drafting THE ARSONIST slowly and steadily. It is a massive, unwieldy beast. This is today's word count. 

Que frantic laughter.

2) My contract for MINNOW arrived from Penguin! It was twelve pages long! And filled with lots of very intimidating legal-sounding words! Once again, I'm grateful for my agent for making sense of it for me. 

3) I am absolutely in love with the soundtrack for Matilda the Musical, which just premiered on Broadway and which I would give my left kidney to see with the original cast. It's a genius adaptation of the book. The lyrics are incredibly witty and sweet, the actors are each amazing, and if Bertie Carvel, who plays Miss Trunchbull, doesn't get a Tony for his performance, there is no justice in this world. 

4) Right now, I'm reading BOMB: THE RACE TO BUILD--AND STEAL--THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON. It was a Newbery Honor book this year. It's a really fast-paced non-fiction book about the invention of the atomic bomb. Fascinating stuff. It's making me really want to go back to school to take physics classes. These scientists are like awesome, introverted superheros. 

5) And finally, Tumblr. It is my everything. I've never lived by the ocean, but I imagine Tumblr provides the same satisfaction as beach combing. You find such wonderful treasures. Here's one of my recent favorites: