A Deadline Approacheth

I got my edits back from my editors, Stacey and Nancy at Dial. It was a twelve-page document with questions and suggestions for changes. I knew about some of the larger changes because we'd talked on the phone when they first offered to buy Minnow. There were no big surprises in the edit letter. It's all doable and will just take some time. My deadline is May 6th I've never written on a deadline, at least not since college, but I'm not that freaked out. Revision is my bag. Revision is what I'm good at. My only concern is how it'll feel revising within external guidelines, knowing there's a time-crunch, and being aware that someone will be reading it afterward. There's pressure now, but let's face it, I've always put more pressure on myself than anybody else could, so I think it'll be fine.  And I guess that's all I can think to say about deadlines. So here's a picture of a baby gorilla getting a checkup! LOOKATHISLITTLEFACEOMGSOCUTEAWWW!!11!!