Aliens, 80's Romance, and Lannisters

This post is inspired by the Friday Reads posts on Emily Lloyd Jones' blog. Let's get cracking!

I'm so stoked for Rick Yancey and all the buzz The 5th Wave has gotten. His writing is brilliant and deserves to be celebrated. I'm about half-way through and am starting to get completely engrossed. I didn't know much about the plot before I started, just that it's about an alien invasion. Rick Yancey is smart in withholding information about the aliens. It's like they say about horror films--the longer they delay showing the monster, the scarier it'll be because the viewer's imagination is worse than any amount of CGI could be. I'm also fascinated in how much of a chameleon Yancey is; the writing in this book is completely different to that in the Monstrumologist series, in a really interesting way.
I listened to Eleanor & Park on audio. I'm sure the book would've been great to read, but I really recommend it on audio. The voice actors did such a beautiful job of conveying the vulnerability, humor, and pain of these characters. I felt at times the dialogue and narration grew a little too precious in describing Eleanor and Park's love, and I found their friendship to be the most compelling part of the book, but in general I was swept up in the characters and their truly authentic voices.
And finally, I don't even know how long I've been reading Clash of Kings (*cough* months) but it's 1000 pages long so I'll cut myself some slack. I listened to the first book on audio and didn't enjoy it hugely. My patience and generosity toward books plummets when I listen to audiobooks (I think that might have something to do with the deplorable conditions of my commute). I thought the experience might be better with a physical book, and I was right. I can really appreciate the pacing, characterizations, and descriptions by reading the physical book. Also, I can skim over tedious parts, which happen...frequently.
In all, it was a good week in reading. What did you read this week?