So Many Favorite Things

My favorite GIF right now. She is perfect in every way.

Favorite of the pilot previews. Once Upon at Time in Wonderland. When I first heard of this spin-off, I was reluctant in the extreme, but this looks absolutely incredible. I adore a good insane asylum plot, and the costumes, sets, and actors are all working it. I hope this is as awesome as it looks.

Favorite class project. We made "gold" for our Gold Rush time capsules. True, the students learned nothing other than the best way to cover the entire hands in glitter, but it was fun. I'm pretty sure I still have glitter in my lungs, however. Oh, and I just realized I haven't watered Steve Urkel, the class plant, in like three weeks.

Favorite movie right now. How did it take me this long to watch Tangled? It's a fairy-tale retelling, for Pete's sake. This movie was almost perfect. Maximus and Pascal pretty much made it for me. There's something about an insane horse that I find hilarious. 

And, finally, my favorite thing in the wooooorld right now. My niece Addie was born a couple of weeks ago and I already think she is the most amazing thing ever. I've been around babies before--but she is something else.