Sunken Treasure, Cyborgs, and Fairy Tales

It has been a fairy tale-infused week for me! I had a lot of fun with the books I read this week.  I listened to the first half of Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm on audio and decided I needed to own a copy. The physical book is absolutely beautiful, and the insides are pretty great, too. As a fairy tale buff, this collection of 50 Grimm tales is fascinating and hugely enjoyable. They've been retold by Philip Pullman, though not retold in the way we tend to think of fairy tale retellings. They don't depart hugely from the original stories. As Pullman puts it in the introduction, he tried to tell the stories in the clearest way possible, cutting anything that could interrupt the story. The biggest difference I'm noticing is the dialogue. For me, original fairy tale dialogue tends to sound a little stilted. Pullman's dialogue is smooth and realistic and sweet and funny in places. I've really enjoyed listening to the stories in the car, letting them wash over me one after another.  In the fairy tale vein, I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer this week. I enjoyed it so much. It's everything you want in a fairy tale retelling. The author took the bones of the story of Cinderella and made it totally her own. I really enjoyed the far-future, East Asian setting, and loved that Cinder is a cyborg working as a mechanic with a sketchy past. I especially liked Iko, Cinder's android sidekick with a "defective" personality, who made me laugh a bunch of times. I will certainly pick up Scarlet, the sequel, which I'm excited about because, along with continuing Cinder's story, it also retells Little Red Riding Hood.  I can't believe Rapture of the Deep is the seventh Bloody Jack book I've read. I listen to them on audio because the narrator, Katherine Kellgren, is flat-out amazing. This book takes Jacky on a mission for the British crown to retrieve a massive amount of sunken treasure from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. This has to be one of my favorites in the series. I loved the underwater scenes and the Caribbean setting (Jacky visits Havana where she has several memorable scenes participating in cock fights--are any of us who know Jacky surprised?). There was also a terrifying scene with crocodiles that made me scream in the car. The next Bloody Jack book takes Jacky to Asia and an Australian penal colony. Can't wait! What did you read this week?