Summertime Updates

The school year is finished and I've spent a couple weeks getting into the swing of vacation. This means lots of time with my niece. In related news, did you know it's somewhat difficult to write while babysitting? She's just so cute and smiley and squishy and amazing. Very distracting. I don't know how all the new mom authors I know do it.

I have a chock-full Week in Reading post planned because I've read so many great books lately. I'm currently about 250 pages into Storm of Swords. I haven't seen Season 3 of Game of Thrones yet, but I know enough from twitter chatter that something VERY VERY BAD happens in this book and I've become perpetually tense while reading. I just want to yell "Go home! Quit fighting and go home!" to everyone. Especially the Starks. 

To make reading a 1,100 page book manageable, I flagged every new chapter and changed colors every 100 pages. My brother, who's read all the books at least twice, looked at this and immediately called me a nerd.

It was #AgentsDay on twitter the other day and I found myself thinking about how awesome Jennifer has been. Not exaggerating, she's the reason Minnow will be published. I don't think I've ever written about my "Agent Journey" because it feels strange and because it could easily be 60 pages long and assuredly be extremely boring, but one thing I'm still amazed at is that I was almost ready to call it done with Minnow before I queried Jennifer. I had received a lot rejections, and had rewritten it many times. It was a matter of diminishing returns. But I was reading a blog post on Jennifer's blog (I loved her advice posts and found them so helpful) and it occurred to me that I'd never queried her. So I sent off a query and she replied something like "Hell yes!" and asked for the full manuscript. She worked with me through two revisions before offering representation, which is amazing because she believed in it enough to volunteer a huge amount of her time. It's still incredible to me that someone would care so much about the ideas that sprouted from my head.  I just got a new laptop after my old one (code name: Old Bessie the Loyal) started acting her age. You don't expect to get emotional about switching laptops, but I've written everything on Old Bessie. We've been through battles together. We've survived crashes and data loss (which I never blamed her for) and mishaps with a poorly placed cup of water (she nearly died). She's been very good to me, but it was time for someone new to take on her former responsibilities. She will enjoy a quiet retirement and work only when new guy (code name: Sir Shiny McSpeedyson) needs a break. 

The data transfer in process. I felt a bit like a doctor performing a brain transplant.