Constructing the Bat Cave

I was inspired by this very original and thoughtful post on Maria Vicente’s blog about writing advice gleaned from Jay-Z lyrics. The first piece of advice is about having a writing space. I have always suffered in this area. I’ve moved a lot in recent years, from a tiny studio in Spokane, to a cramped room in my mom’s house the year after grad school when I was unemployed, to an even tinier studio in Seattle. All those cramped spaces left very little room for a space where I could clear my head enough to write. So I’ve always left home to write, hopping from coffee shops to libraries to Panera. It’s worked out fine, but my ultimate heartfelt wish is to someday have living quarters in which I actually possess more than one room (think of it!), where I have a room dedicated entirely to blank walls and zero distractions and writing (I've lived in envy of Sarah Miller's Wendy House for a very long time indeed). 
In the mean time, I'm back in the cramped room in my mom's house for the summer and decided to fashion myself a little writing space in a dusty corner of her garage. Behold the transformation from unsuspecting receptacle of old tools and broken furniture to a lair of writing productivity (code name: The Bat Cave). 
Before work began. 
After rug, desk, chair, and Reading Chair had been added. 
Behold the Ikea Reading Chair (protected from wandering cats and potential bugs and aforementioned dust by Peter Rabbit blanket).
The final-ish product. Hung up a rug and Harry Potter quilt for decorative purposes. In the top left corner, you can see the string and clothes pins I put up for the purpose of hanging pictures/index cards for book planning.

It's a little on the rough side and by the time I was done moving everything around, it was approximately one billion degrees in there (need to make finding a fan a top priority). But it's free of distractions and internet and refrigerators and noise. I think I can get some work done in here.